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Embedded System Design

Embedded programming is a very specialized area of software engineering. An embedded system has a well-defined task that must be performed very reliably. Unlike the fuzzy reliability of your standard PC software, an embedded system must never fail; this requires a much higher level of discipline and a higher quality of programming than PC programming.

ITMatchOnline has members who are specialized in embedded systems; therefore all their technologies, practices and techniques are centered around the high level of quality that is essential for embedded programming. For example, when a methodology is required for a project, rather than using a standard methodology such as SSADM, They use a form of UML especially tailored for embedded programming.

The specialized embedded programming tools they use include: embedded c compilers, in-circuit debuggers, in-circuit emulators and EPROM programmers.

ITMatchOnline’s trusted members have a combined experience of decades of embedded programming. This mass of experience allows them to not only implement elegant code for your product, but also to give valuable design input from the beginning of your project. Alternative approaches for your company might be to employ a programmer for the job, but apart from the costs of employing and training some one, you are unlikely to gain such experience from a single member of staff.

ITMatchOnline members offer the most cost effective and innovative embedded systems solutions to business, including both hardware design and software development, with expertise covering many processors including ARM microcontrollers and real time operating systems. They have experiences in complex electronic systems development based on embedded microcontrollers in various application areas like automotive, consumer, wire line and wireless networking, industrial, etc.

ITMatchOnline members have accumulated much experience in a variety of embedded engineering disciplines including:

The experience enables them to fully meet the project requirements of clients. They can cover the complete lifecycle from project definition, initial design and development through deployment. They can port commercial or proprietary software to new targets.

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