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PDAs and Handheld Devices

As the business world becomes more and more fast-paced on each day, companies need to be able to keep up with these changes and evolving technology or be left behind from their competitors. With the advent of the "mobile business person", the quicker they can access critical information or have this necessary information at their fingertips; the better chance they have to be successful.

ITMatchOnline listed reliable outsourcing companies have a group of people standardized on designing and developing almost all handheld applications with a development platform from AppForge. A key feature of AppForge's development platform is that it allows them to design and develop your application using either Visual Basic 6.0 or VB.NET. They can develop your custom handheld application rapidly with minimal amount of coding necessary with other C/C++ based development platforms.

Following devices can develop for you:

The most important reason that these service providers standardize on AppForge is that it allows developing application in a familiar environment, but most of all is that it can be easily compiled to run on a Palm Pilot device, a PocketPC device or both devices from a single code base. This gives users the choice of device and does not limit them to one or the other.
Another major aspect to consider here is that since ITMatchOnline associates are developing application using Visual Basic, the code can also be reused in a desktop Windows application. This means that if you need both a desktop and handheld version, they can reuse the code thus reducing the overall development costs. Also, if some have a custom algorithm or calculation that needs to be designed and implemented, they only have to design it once and easily implement it in both applications.

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