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Technical Support Outsourcing

Technical support cannot be treated as a peripheral process. It requires a dedicated and experienced team who will work around the clock to deliver higher value to customers. What if you do not have the resources or expertise to provide technical support services in house? Or if you do have the resources you cannot spare them as they are required for other core processes. You may not have the financial capacity to carry out this work in house. If you find yourself in such a scenario, why not consider outsourcing your technical support work?

ITMatchOnline is the leading provider for outsourcing technical support. It has got a number of outsourcing service providers who provide technical support from start-ups to non-profits, books to accounting software, they work with clients who understand their core competencies and want to outsource their tech support operations. Outsourcing your technical support to these service providers will allow you to focus on your core processes without sacrificing customer support. Let a professional and dedicated team devote all their energy and expertise to providing technical support services. This will prove to be financially profitable for your company and give a boost to your customer satisfaction rate.

You can outsource technical support to these service providers, secure in the knowledge that a pool of trained and experienced engineers are available 24x7 to provide your customers tech support, within agreed-upon response times and levels of quality. They can do this through a multi-modal user interface using the web, email, chat or voice.

These tech support centers will:

Most IT Help Desks provide Level 1 and Level 2 support which includes:

Technical support is being strategically outsourced to India as global companies discover the business benefits of access to an experienced team of specialist resources, improved quality of service, lower costs of ownership and reduced risk.

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